Arrest Warrants Issued for Two Former Burleson ISD Staff Members for Improper Behavior With Children

The Burleson Police Department has issued arrest warrants for two former staff members at Burleson ISD.

According to district officials, Jeanna Mangus, a former teacher, and Holly Monroe, a former paraprofessional in the preschool developmental learning class at Norwood, are charged with assault against the elderly or disabled.

District officials said they learned on Sept. 30 that the two former staff members were using improper restraints behind the closed doors of their classroom.

They were removed from the classroom immediately, district officials were alerted, the parents of all students in the classroom were notified, and the matter was referred to law enforcement, officials said.

According to district officials, after conducting an investigation, the district took steps to ensure that Mangus and Monroe would not return to the classroom. The findings of the investigation were shared with parents, officials said.

District officials said a child's safety and welfare are top priorities, and staff are trained only to use CPI restraint techniques and only when necessary to protect a child.

Mangus and Monroe were not using CPI techniques even though they were trained to do so, officials said.

According to Burleson ISD, the identities of the children involved will not be shared due to privacy laws.

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