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Arrest Warrant Reveals Grisly Details of 5-Year-Old's Death

A warrant of arrest and detention affidavit obtained Tuesday by The Dallas Morning News reveals grisly details about the murder of a young girl.

According to the document, Dallas police officers found the body of 5-year-old Kathrine Alejandra Gonzalez inside a vacant apartment, hanging in a closet by a shirt around her neck.

More than one witness told police that they saw Gonzalez with her cousin, 17-year-old Angel Lizandro Sanches-Zenteno, in the moments before she disappeared Sunday. The teen was eventually arrested and charged with capital murder of a child younger than 6.

One of those witnesses told police he stopped and talked to Sanches-Zenteno and Gonzalez about a dog they were walking, before he saw them enter an apartment other than the one in which the girl was eventually found.

Two children, both age 3, told police they saw the girl with "Sandro" and "Litano" — both aliases, police said, for Sanches-Zenteno. In talking with police, one of the girls said Gonzalez was dead.

After his arrest, Sanches-Zenteno initially denied having any involvement with the girl and said he had been taken at gunpoint by a man named Carlos into the apartment where the girl was eventually found. Sanches-Zenteno told police the girl followed them into the residence and that he was then forced into a closet, where he remained for about 35 minutes.

Sanches-Zenteno told police that while he was in the closet, he heard the girl begin to cry and then heard a knocking sound and kicking.

Police said the teen then uttered in Spanish, "I did not rape her."

The teen went on to say that after he heard the door close, he left the apartment and noticed people searching for his cousin. Sanches-Zenteno said he is an "accomplice," but did not see the girl in the apartment when he left.

Sanches-Zenteno consented to having his fingernails and saliva tested for DNA analysis.

The teen remains in the custody of the Dallas Police Department at Lew Sterrett Justice Center on $1 million bond, The Dallas Morning News reports.

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