Arochi Trial Will Remain in Collin County, Judge Rules

The aggravated kidnapping trial for Enrique Arochi will remain in Collin County, District Judge Mark Rusch said Friday.

The defense argued that Arochi can’t get a fair trial in the county because of the massive publicity that has surrounded the case since Arochi’s arrest in December 2014. The judge ruled that this publicity, although extensive, was not prejudicial, allowing the trial to remain in Collin County.

Christina Morris’ parents said the ruling will allow them to return home after each day’s court proceedings, the Dallas Morning News reported. They continue to actively search for their daughter, who is still missing.

Arochi’s trial is set for Sept. 6 in Collin County, after being delayed due to several unsuccessful motions by the defense to have evidence suppressed. If convicted, he faces a sentence of between 5 and 99 years or life in prison.

Arochi is accused of kidnapping Christina Morris from the Shops at Legacy in Plano in August 2014.

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