Armored Car Guard Robbed Outside Bank ATM

Police Search For Robbers

Dallas police were searching for two armed men who robbed an armored car guard Friday as he was trying to refill the ATM at the Bank of America in the 3300 block of West Camp Wisdom Road.

Witnesses said they heard shots fired as the thieves approached the Loomis Armored guard just after 11 a.m.

"I saw the two guys with guns and went into shock when I heard the shots," Ashley Coachman said. "I feared for my life."

Coachman and a fellow sales clerk inside the Wig Palace watched as the thieves sped off in a white Pontiac Grand Am or Grand Prix.

"I thought, today is not my day. I'm lucky it wasn't me," Coachman said.

Dallas police said one thief put a gun to the back of the guard's head after firing a warning shot and then another man came from behind and took the guard's gun and money bag.

Minutes later, witnesses could be seen helping the guard gather up some of the cash that was blowing across the parking lot.


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