Armed Men Shoot 3, Kill 1 in Oak Cliff Apartment Complex

Dallas police said three armed men swept through a small Oak Cliff apartment complex Tuesday night, robbed one family and shot three brothers, killing one.

Police said the men forced Karen De La Cruz into her apartment at the complex in the 300 block of North Ewing as she was returning from an errand.

De La Cruz said the men stayed inside the apartment with her, her husband and five children for the next hour.

"One of the guys blocked the door, while the other two went around the apartment looking for things to steal," she said. "They took some money, video games, my kids' X-Box and an uncashed check."

She said the most frightening moment came when one of the men threatened to kill her 11-month-old daughter, Margaret.

"My husband was holding her, and the guy said to him, 'Is that your daughter?' she said. "And my husband said, 'Yes.' That's when he put the gun to my daughter's head and said, 'Give us all your money, or I'll kill her.'"

Detectives said two of the men left De La Cruz's apartment and went upstairs, where they shot three brothers. Police said the men may have tried to rob the three brothers.

Roberto Ramos, 32, was shot and killed. Ramos' two brothers, Martin Figueroa, 20, and Eustacio Torres, 28, were shot and taken to a local hospital.

Even though the three men ran away on foot, De La Cruz said her children are still scared.

"They're frightened," she said. "They keep checking to make sure the front door is locked."

Several tenants said Wednesday they now want to move.

"I couldn't sleep," resident Crystal Ramirez said. "I've got three kids, three young kids."

Police said they do not have much information on the men, but witnesses said they were three black men in their teens or early 20s.

Schepp's Dairy is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and indictment of the men.

Anyone with information can call the Dallas Police Homicide Unit at 214-671-3661.

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