Arlington Works to Fix Potentially Dangerous Erosion

Across North Texas, heavy rain and flooding are a weekly ritual, but rain-battered roadways and embankments are starting to wash away in some areas.

Now, the City of Arlington will need to a several million dollar project to tackle three erosion issues before they become a permanent problem.

"We had significant storms back in the fall of 2018 and there are three locations were our infrastructure is either damaged or at risk," Assistant Public Works & Transportation director Amy Cannon explained.

The three locations are:

The intersection of Whistler Drive and Hinsdale Drive.

The Willow Bend / Thousand Oaks Drainage Project

Twin Elms Drive within Randol Mill Park

City officials showed NBC 5 the issues at the Whistler Drive location.

"At this particular location we had water over-top the curb and wash out this area and exposed the electric lines and the other utilities in this area as well as putting the roadway at risk of basically falling into the creek," Cannon said.

City workers have added some temporary fixes.

"What we’ve done is we’ve placed this fill here as a way to keep the water from over-topping the curb and then causing further erosion to happen," Cannon said.

Cannon said it would take around a year to go through the permitting process and make sure the improvements do not impact anyone negatively. Work is expected to begin in July 2020.

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