Arlington Restaurant Donating Money to Good Samaritan's Family

A day after a Good Samaritan was laid to rest, a community is coming together to pay tribute and help his family.

"It's the least I can do for them," said John Kirby, owner of Fit Fuel Grill in Arlington. "When I heard the story, it just touched me and I was just thinking what can I do to give back to that family."

Anthony Antell, Jr. was gunned down while helping a young woman outside a Walgreens in Arlington. Antell served in the U.S. Marines and owned a gym in Arlington.

Quinisha Johnson is out of the hospital and recovering at her mother's home in Dallas. Johnson's husband, Ricci Bradden, is behind bars accused of shooting Johnson and then pulling the trigger on Antell.

Between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, 50 percent of total sales at Fit Fuel Grill was donated to Antell's family.

"I told her [Crystal Antell], no pressure. Even if she doesn't come, we're going to take care of it. We're going to give everything to the family," Kirby said. "We just want to give as much tribute to T.J. as possible for being a father, for being a veteran, for being a Good Samaritan, and for just being a good man."

Veteran groups and active military were among the invited guests at the restaurant.

"I don't happen to personally know this Marine, but all Marines are brothers," said Bill Kent, a retired Marine captain. "He's been taken so tragically away. We're here to help his family."

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