Arlington Residents' Patience Wears Thin on Street Project

Center Street project is on schedule, city says

People who live along Center Street in Arlington say they appreciate getting a new street and sidewalks but question whether the construction project is moving fast enough.

And in the meantime, drivers must dodge orange barrels, navigate narrow lanes and carefully avoid a sudden drop off where new pavement hasn't yet been installed.

"You have to drive really slow and you can never keep your car clean," said nearby resident Kevin Penaloza.

"It's a real pain," added neighbor Scott Wisdom.

Neighbors are asking the same question.

"Why is it taking so long?" Penaloza asked.

The work started in August, and NBC 5 Investigates asked the city of Arlington for answers.

City spokesman Reginald Lewis said he checked with the public works and transportation department and that the work is "on schedule and scheduled to be complete in October."

He said the project includes a full roadway rebuild with sidewalks, drainage improvements, water and sanitary sewer improvements and street lights.

"Now that we have started some of the concrete paving operations, the project should speed up and be easier to travel through," Lewis said.

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