Arlington Preps for Major Road Closures

City advises patience and planning

Arlington drivers will be forced to rethink their normal routes through the city when the Union Pacific Rail Renewal project gets underway next week and the city plans to give drivers as much information as it can about road closures.

The City of Arlington will use webcams to keep residents informed during a month-long railroad intersection construction project that will shut down some intersections simultaneously for 24 hours.

"We're expecting, frankly, gridlock on some of these streets, especially on the first day or so as people try to figure out the best alternate routes," said city spokeswoman Rebecca Rodriguez.

The city plans to give drivers as much information as it can.

Existing traffic cameras will capture images of 27 different intersections throughout the city and display them on The images refresh every five minutes.

"It's going to be a fairly recent snapshot of what conditions look like before you leave the house," added Rodriguez.

An interactive map will also show the progress of construction and which intersections will be closed on what day. Closings will begin with Bowen Road and move east through the city and include Davis Drive as well as Cooper, Mesquite and Collins Streets.

The city says patience and planning will be key for drivers.

"Think ahead and think now about where you need to be and the best way to get there and that includes every aspect of life - whether it's getting your child to school, getting to work or running some errands," said Rodriguez.

The project begins Jan. 16 and is scheduled to run through Jan. 24.

The city plans to hold a public meeting on Monday, Jan. 14, to provide information about the project.

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