Arlington Police: Officer Arrested in Federal Fraud Investigation Killed Self

One of officers arrested committed suicide near his home

An Arlington officer under investigation by state and federal authorities in connection with a fraud scheme committed suicide Tuesday, Arlington police said.

Officer David Vo committed suicide near his home, the department said.

Vo and another officer have been arrested in the investigation, and a third officer is being questioned.

Vo, 35 and a three-year employee of the department, was arrested over the weekend and released pending charges.

He was on administrative leave.

Officer Thomas Kantzos, 45, was arrested Tuesday. Kantzos, a 17-year veteran of the department, is being held in protective custody at the Tarrant County jail and is on administrative leave.

He faces federal charges of fraud and related activity in connection with computers.

Arlington police said Officer Craig Hermans, 34, is being questioned in the case. Hermans, a three-year police employee, is also on administrative leave.

The FBI and Texas Rangers are investigating the case.

The Arlington Police Department said it is "deeply disturbed by the actions of these employees" and is cooperating with the investigation.

"Criminal misconduct by our employees is intolerable, as it damages the trust and confidence of those we serve," Police Chief Will D. Johnson said. "We will always aggressively pursue the arrest and prosecution of any employee engaged in this sort of behavior."

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