Arlington Police Officer Qualifies for CrossFit Games

Officer Justin Dewing holds the CrossFit title of 'Fittest Cop in America' from last year's CrossFit Occupational Games

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When Arlington Police Officer Justin Dewing isn't in a police or SWAT uniform, he's in workout clothes, training for a big competition.

"When I'm in here it's kind of hard to think about other things," Dewing said. "I like to say it's just me, and the barbell, and the gym, and there's nothing else."

Dewing was at Cowboy CrossFit in Saginaw on Friday morning getting in one of his final training sessions before leaving for California next week for the CrossFit Games.

Dewing is one of 60 athletes to qualify.

"I'm a pretty goal-oriented person," Dewing said. "I'll set really high goals."

Last year, Dewing competed in CrossFit's Occupational Games, placing second in the international competition.

"I was the 'Fittest Cop in America' last year," Dewing said quietly. "I look at it as I lost by one point."

On Friday, Dewing trained a circuit that included deadlifts, walking handstands, handstand pushups, and rope climbing; working on a strategy for the CrossFit Games.

"I don't tell a whole lot of people," Dewing said. "I don't like to be in the limelight of things. I just like to work out hard and work hard, do the best at whatever I'm doing."

Dewing says anyone can start working out if they break it down into lots of little goals, and keep moving forward.

"I don't actually like competing. It's stressful to me," Dewing said. "If I keep chopping up those steps like I do in here, eventually I'm going to reach my goal."

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