Arlington Police Officer Helps Mother and Son Having Bike Trouble Near Randol Mill Park

Arlington Police Department

The Arlington Police Department is sharing the story of a police officer who helped a mother and son who were having bike trouble last month.

Officer Ramirez was patrolling near Randol Mill Park on March 27 when he noticed a mother and her young son standing over a bike that was on its side.

When Ramirez approached them to make sure everything was okay, the woman informed him her son's training wheels had come loose.

Ramirez pulled out a pair of pliers and proceeded to to fix the wheels, tightening the bolts by hand.

After he fix the wheels, Ramirez let the boy look around his patrol vehicle, and he gave the family's dog, a Belgian Malinois named Hank, some of the dog treats he kept in his car.

The mother left a note with the Arlington Police Department later that afternoon, thanking Ramirez for his help and for making her sons day.

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