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Arlington Police Need Help Identifying 3 People After Fireworks Set Off Inside The Parks Mall

Arlington police chief Al Jones provides photos of three individuals at the mall on Saturday, and is asking for help to identify them

Jose Sanchez, NBC 5 News

Arlington police say they need the public's help identifying three people who may have set off fireworks inside The Parks Mall on Saturday.

Surveillance footage recorded three young adults that Arlington police said may be responsible for setting off the fireworks and causing a panic when people thought someone was shooting a gun.

Arlington police chief Al Jones originally tweeted Saturday to inform residents that the loud noises in the mall were fireworks and not gunshots after reports of a shooting began to circulate on social media.

Jones tweeted again on Wednesday, this time with photos of three people police believe are involved.

Police ask anyone who can identify the individuals to contact 817-459-6080.

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