Investigation Into Teen's Murder Continues in Arlington

No arrest have been made at this time

Arlington police say the investigation into the death of an Arlington teenager is ongoing.

Anthony Strather, Jr., 17, was killed after a fight escalated into gunfire in a southeast Arlington neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Counselors are being made available Friday for students at Bowie High School in Arlington after two students were shot Thursday during a fight near the campus.

Lt. Christopher Cook with the Arlington Police Department said Thursday afternoon that at about 4 p.m. a group of teens pulled into a driveway at a home on the 2000 block of Cliffside Drive, near Bowie High School, and that another vehicle with more teens inside pulled up behind them.

Cook said police believe a fight broke out between the groups and that at least one person pulled out a gun and started shooting, hitting three people.

Police provided details Friday afternoon and said they are viewing a video that shows the fight. They are also having school officials look at the video in hopes of identifying the teens.

Strather was a starting defensive end for the Arlington Bowie High School football team.

The second teen was shot in the leg and his injury is not considered life threatening. The third victim, an uninvolved man who was sitting inside his home working on his computer, suffered a minor injury that is not expected to be life threatening.

This is a developing story, check back for more information.

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