Arlington Police Identify Peeping Tom

Man suspected in eight incidents since September

A man who has peeped into bedroom windows at least eight times in the same south Arlington neighborhood has been identified and may be arrested soon, police said.

After a series of similar complaints since mid-September, undercover officers set up surveillance in the La Frontera neighborhood near South Collins Street and MacGregor Drive and last week found a suspicious man who fit the victims' description, Lt. Chris Cook said.
"We do have a suspect identified,” Cook said. “We're finishing the processing of the cases. We hope to have this person in custody Monday or Tuesday."
Police said the reports started in mid-September and continued until recently.
Samantha Guzman said she was a victim – twice.
Both times were at night when she was in her bedroom alone.
“I would hear footsteps,” Guzman said.
At first, she thought it was her neighbor’s cat.
“I always thought it was until I looked out the window and I saw that somebody was standing like right here,” Guzman said, pointing to the area around her bedroom window. "And when the police officer came to check, she found a footprint in this area and we never come in here."
It happened twice in the past month, Guzman said.
"It's scary to look out your window and see that somebody is looking at you, trying to look in your window,” she said.
Each time, she said, the man ran away after she saw him.
Cook said police devoted “significant resources” to the investigation, including increased patrols and undercover officers.
"Not only is that concerning for the residents and very scary, it's very concerning for the police department,” Cook said.
"People feel secure and want to feel secure in their home,” Cook said. “If you have someone come on your property who is not supposed to be there, call 911, (and) let us come out. We'll find out why they're there and try to identify them."
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