Tapped by DOJ, Arlington Police Release Report Offering Best Practices for 21st Century Policing

Handpicked by the U.S. Department of Justice as part of a nationwide initiative on modern policing, the Arlington Police Department released a new report Friday that could shape how agencies across the country do business.

Arlington PD was one of only 15 departments selected by the DOJ to help develop best practices at this crucial juncture when the public's trust in law enforcement is eroding.

The "Advancing 21st Century Policing" intiative was launched in 2016, largely in response to concerns over officer-involved shootings and use of force.

In their report, Arlington police stress the importance of community policing, which they say is the "backbone" of building and maintaining the public's trust.

That, in turn, reduces the likelihood of a negative or potentially deadly encounter with an officer.

"This report really reflects the best of the best," said Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson. "The work that's happening in the neighborhoods day in and day out to make Arlington better, to build legitimacy and public trust, and really to focus on community policing and the value of policing services in society."

You can read the full report on the Arlington Police Department's website.

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