Arlington Police Department Introducing Voluntary Citizen Surveillance Program

The Arlington Police Department is introducing a voluntary surveillance program called "Neighborhood Eyes," so the once imaginary idea of 'Big Brother' watching may now actually include your older brother's security camera.

Neighborhood Eyes allows private residences and businesses to register their private security cameras for community surveillance.

With security cameras now affordable and more commonplace, Neighborhood Eyes will allow the local law enforcement officers to access volunteered-citizen security cameras, if it may hold evidence of a crime.

The program is strictly voluntary and does not provide Arlington PD with any access to privately-owned security systems.

Similar programs are in place in other cities, such as New Providence, NJ. 

Police hope Neighborhood Eyes will speed up the labor- and time-intensive process of door-to-door requests of surrounding areas when crimes occur, by automatically accessing registered cameras while still doing those individual requests.

To register for the program, Arlington residents and businesses can sign up here.

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