Arlington Passes Law to Restrict Short-Term Rentals

After months of often contentious debate, the city of Arlington passed an ordinance Tuesday implementing new regulations on short-term rentals.

Effective August 1, permits will be required and short-term rentals will only be allowed in residential areas inside a zone that is anchored by Arlington's entertainment district. Short-term rentals will be allowed in any non-residential or mixed-use zone citywide.

"We had to put neighborhoods first over businesses, but yet we are trying to compromise," Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams said.

The ordinance passed 6-3, with many in attendance clapping as it passed, including Jessica Black, who lives near a short-term rental that will no longer be legal under the new law.

"We bought our house in a residential neighborhood and we bought it because it was safe and in the last year that's been taken away so it's a relief to have that back," Black said.

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