Arlington Parks Remain Closed as Crews Continue Flood Cleanup

Crews in Arlington continue to stay busy cleaning up several city parks affected by flooding.

High water and flooding debris kept multiple parks closed Wednesday, including Bowman Springs Park and River Legacy Park, which are two of city’s most popular.

Crews working at Bowman Springs Park Wednesday afternoon filled two dumpsters with debris they removed from the parking lot, trails and boat ramps.

The park is located on the banks of Lake Arlington, which swelled to near record levels over the weekend. City officials say the lake crested at 558.97 feet on Saturday, which is the highest it’s been in 24 years.

Overflow from Lake Arlington continues to spill into nearby Village Creek, which cuts right through Lake Arlington Golf Course.

“[The creek] was definitely the highest I’ve ever seen it since I’ve been here,” said Regan Wickes, First Assistant Golf Pro at Lake Arlington Golf Course.

The course was not flooded, thanks in large part to some timely planning. After the May floods, they began installing new retaining walls along the creek to help control the flow of the water and to help prevent flooding from washing away any part of the course. The project was completed just a few weeks ago.

“When we took a look at it on Friday, the water was under a foot from the top of the wall,” said Wickes. “It definitely was tested. But we’re happy it was put in.”

Lake Arlington Golf Course is open for business as usual.

“The course is in great shape,” said Wickes. “Our crew has done a phenomenal job making sure the course stays maintained and the water is draining off correctly, so the course is in great playing condition.”

There is no specific timetable for when the closed city parks may reopen.

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