Arlington Officials: Water Safe Despite Smell, Taste

Arlington residents might notice a difference in their water because of a water line break in Corsicana, city officials said

City of Arlington officials said their water comes from the Richland-Chambers reservoir in Corsicana, but a water line break forced them to switch during repairs.

Until Jan. 23, officials said the city will draw water from a reservoir in Benbrook, which provides lower-quality water that will have a different taste and smell from the water residents might be used to. The earthy taste is caused by higher levels of geosmin, a harmless natural compound produced by bacteria in soil and algae.

Arlington Water Utilities Director Walter "Buzz" Pishkur insisted that the water is safe for drinking, cooking, bathing and more.

"Quality tests indicate the water is meeting and most cases surpassing water quality standards and is absolutely safe to use for any purpose," he said.

Customers with concerns about the quality of their water can call the city's water quality laboratory at 817-575-8984.

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