#SomethingGood: Arlington Man Donating Soccer Clothes to Underserved Children

An Arlington man turned his love for soccer into social action.

Will Mims, 25, started LGNDGEAR.com. It’s an athletic apparel company he dreamed up at the Arlington Library just a couple of years ago. He uses a room in the library, called the MakerSpace. The state of the art equipment, materials and even classes offered help a person create more than just a product, but also a living.

"The mission of legend gear is to first off provide shirts for kids that do need them and it puts a smile on their faces, but to take it a step further. To take some of the kids and put them on club teams in the area," Mims explained.

This all started when Mims started volunteering with underserved children in a certain community in Fort Worth. He said his pastor recommended he start doing work with a local ministry, called Good Sports International. He would simply play soccer with the kids on Fridays, and sometimes Saturdays, and teach them the difference between right and wrong in the process. Many of those children are refugees.

When the former college soccer player realized many of them couldn’t afford soccer uniforms, he created the business.

LGNDGear uses a business model that helps disadvantaged children in North Texas every time he sells a shirt.

For every shirt he sells, he gives on to a child in need. Mims came from a single-income household, where money was often tight. He said he understands exactly what these kids are going through and wants to help in any way he can. 

"I feel like it’s God’s calling to help people," Mims said.

He’s given away about 100 shirts so far and hopes to make that number grow exponentially with help from the community.

He said he is excited for the future, knowing that he is investing in theirs and showing them that hard work is what it takes to realize their dreams.

"Working hard and providing them with the idea in the back of their head that if they do work hard... there is somebody that will help them," said Mims.

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