Arlington Hospitals Face Water Concerns Amid Storm

NBCUniversal, Inc.

Water supply issues forced the city of Arlington to act quickly on Wednesday to preserve the water pressure at two of its area hospitals.

According to the Arlington Fire Department, both Arlington Memorial and Medical City Arlington were encountering issues maintain pressure, which could have affected the water supply.

The department dispatched a fire engine to each hospital, which pulled water from an outside hydrant and pressurized it before pumping it back into the hospital.

A spokesperson for Medical City Arlington said the situation has been stabilized and no patients had to be transferred.

W. Stephen Love, President/CEO of Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council said next to power, water is a vital resource for medical care.

“Water is a big deal for a hospital, not just for the normal things you would need water for but to sterilize and beyond,” said Love. “Water is an integral part of running a hospital,” he continued.

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