Arlington Firefighters Deployed to Help Fight California Wildfires

Resources from across North Texas have been combined and will be utilized as a strike team

Arlington Fire Department

The Arlington Fire Department has deployed eight firefighters to California to assist with fighting the wildfires.

Officials in California said wildfires have burned more than 3.1 million acres of land this year.

Resources from Arlington, Fort Worth, and Flower Mound have been combined and will be utilized as a strike team, the Arlington Fire Department said.

A Fort Worth Fire Department spokesperson confirmed plans to deploy eight firefighters and two trucks to California as well.

Dallas Fire-Rescue deployed 13 wildland firefighters to California on Friday afternoon, where they will assist with the wildfires for at least two weeks.

On Friday morning, three firefighters from Flower Mound were deployed to California as well.

Governor Abbott said that in total, nearly 200 firefighters from 56 departments across Texas were deployed to California on Friday as part of a national effort to help put out the wildfires.

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