Arlington Damage Much Worse Than First Thought

NWS says Arlington tornado was an EF-2

Damage caused by an EF-2 tornado that ripped through southwestern Arlington Tuesday is worse than first believed and that is prompting a lock down of some neighborhoods.

Overnight, the damage estimate in Arlington nearly tripled from 150 homes damaged to 428 structures damaged or destroyed.

Arlington Fire Chief Don Crowson said Wednesday morning that the tornado heavily impacted three zones, dubbed the Chesterfield Branch, Martin Branch and Water View Branch.

Chesterfield Branch  - 143 structures damaged in Kennedale near Sublett and state Highway 287.

  • 13 with light damage
  • 79 with moderate damage
  • 50 with heavy damage

Water View Branch - 102 structures damaged north of Interstate 20 on Green Oaks Boulevard.

  • 46 with light damage
  • 39 with moderate damage
  • 16 with heavy damage

Martin Branch - 185 structures damaged between Little Road and Kelly Elliott along the I-20 corridor.

  • 123 with light damage
  • 40 with moderate damage
  • 22 with heavy damage

In all three zones, 88 homes suffered heavy damage, 158 with moderate damage and 182 with light damage.

Beginning at 6 a.m. Wednesday, only credentialed residents will be able to gain access to some of Arlington's more heavily-damaged neighborhoods.

Residents will be issued temporary permits valid for Wednesday only. Permits can be obtained at the controlled access points to the neighborhoods and residents must show proof of residency with any of the following in order to receive a permit: a state identification card, insurance card, utility bill, vehicle registration card or mail.

Permanent permits will be required beginning Thursday and those can be obtained at the Arlington West Police Service Station on 2060 W. Green Oaks Boulevard.

All contractors wishing to access the affected areas will be required to obtain a contractor's permit from the police department and the permit will be good for one day only.  Contractors requesting access must show a work order and will not be allowed access for the purpose of soliciting business.  Contractors can receive their permits at the South Police Station at 1030 SW Green Oaks Boulevard.

Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck declared a state of disaster for the city Tuesday afternoon in an effort to take advantage of any state or federal relief funds that may become available.

The city is also designating the West Police Service Station as the Arlington Tornado Recovery Center where residents and business owners can gain access to city services.  The recovery center will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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