North Texas

Arlington Church Heavily Damaged By Severe Storms

Members of a church in Arlington are cleaning up after severe storms heavily damaged their building.

Strong winds sliced the roof right off the Household of Faith on New York Avenue on Wednesday.

As clean-up gets underway, about a dozen people prayed in the lobby Friday.

"This is the will of God for us, that we should give thanks and not things," one woman said.

Hymns are normally what you hear at the church. Instead, the hum echoing through church walls now are generators and heavy duty equipment.

The church has about 1,500 members, including people from 17 nations, according to Pastor Ropo Tusin.

"It's more than a church for us. It's more like a community center," he said.

Two inches of water soaked church floors this week, not from rain, but from a sprinkler system that split open when strong wind ripped off the roof.

"It's kind of difficult to believe," Tusin said.

Church offices now look more like sun rooms. The damage is so bad, services at the church are canceled indefinitely.

But Tusin says they are approved to hold a service this Sunday at Bowie High School next door – a silver lining to a week that has been shrouded in darkness.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover the cost to rebuild.

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