Areas in Dallas to be Sprayed for West Nile Virus

13 different areas are being sprayed in Dallas

Mosquito Spraying 02
NBC 5 News

Areas in Dallas will be sprayed for West Nile virus after mosquito pools were confirmed positive for the virus.

The spraying will happen on Wednesday and Thursday between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. both nights.

The areas to be sprayed are generally bounded by:

  • 1600 block of Bruck 75216: Renner Drive on the north, Idaho Avenue on the west, Lanark Avenue on the east and Illinois Avenue on the south
  • 6500 block of Lazy River 75241: Laureland Road on the north, University Hills Boulevard on the west, Couch Road on the east and Lacewood Drive on the south
  • 2700 block of Lawrence Street 75215: Roberts Avenue on the north, Eugene Street on the west, Vannerson Drive on the east and CF Hawn Freeway on the south
  • 3400 block of Pondrom 75215: Jeffries Street on the north, Park Row Avenue on the west, Eugene Street on the east and Holmes Street on the south
  • 4200  block of Hamilton 75210: Haskell Avenue on the north, Pennsylvania Avenue on the west, Collins Avenue on the east and 2nd Avenue on the south
  • 3700 block of Reese 75210: Imperial Street on the north, Roberts Avenue on the west, Barber Avenue on the east and Vannerson Avenue on the south  
  • 3900 block of S. Malcolm X Boulevard 75215: S Trunk Avenue on the north, Warren Avenue on the west, Marburg Street on the east and Diamond Avenue on the south  
  • 12000 block of Snow White 75244: High Summit Drive on the north, Cox Lane on the west, Crestline Avenue on the east and Courtshire Drive on the south
  • 7200 block of Vivian 75223: Gaston Avenue on the north, Santa Fe Avenue on the west, East Grand Avenue on the east and Sarasota Circle on the south  
  • 9900 block of Grady 75217: Elam Road on the north, Prairie Vista Drive on the west, Pleasant Woods Drive on the east, and Cushing Drive on the south   
  • 6400 block of Prestonshire 75225: Aberdeen Avenue on the north, Preston Road on the west, Hillcrest Road on the east and Del Norte Lane on the south.  
  • 6700 block of Sperry 75214: Blessing Drive on the north, Hillside Drive on the west, Dalgreen Drive on the east and South Ridge Drive on the south.  
  • 6200 block of Oram 75214: Palo Pinto Avenue on the north, Concho Street on the west, Pearson Drive on the east and Ridgeway Street on the south.

How to Protect Yourself From Mosquito Bites

  • Dress in long sleeves, pants when outside: For extra protection, spray thin clothing with repellent.
  • DEET: Make sure this ingredient is in your insect repellent.
  • Drain standing water in your yard and neighborhood: Mosquitoes can develop in any water stagnant for more than three days.

It has been recommended in the past that to avoid mosquito bites you should avoid being outdoors during Dusk and Dawn (the 4 Ds). While this is true for mosquitoes that commonly carry the West Nile virus, other types of mosquitoes that are more likely to carry Zika, dengue and chikungunya are active during the day. When outdoors, no matter what time of day, adjust your dress accordingly and wear insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus as your first line of defense against insect bites

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