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Area Ministers Organize Vigil for Church Shooting Victims

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In the grass outside the West Freeway Church of Christ, dozens gathered Monday night for a candlelight vigil one day after a gunman opened fire during a church service.

“I want to make sure we understand why we are here,“ said Blan Chrane, the minister at Franklin Church of Christ.

Chrane and other ministers from area congregations helped organize the vigil as members of the West Freeway Church of Christ met privately inside.

West Freeway Church of Christ Senior Minister Britt Farmer later addressed the crowd and reflected on the legacy of the victims, Tony Wallace and Richard White. White, Farmer said, was his best friend.

“Preachers don’t have many best friends and if you haven’t been a preacher, you don’t understand that, but he was my best friend and he died saving lives,” Farmer said.

Farmer also told the crowd he knew Keith Kinnunen, who was identified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as the gunman.

“I had seen him, I had visited with him, I had given him food,” Farmer said.  

Farmer told the crowd in closing “you are so loved” as he promised to help his congregation move forward from the shooting.

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