Are Smart Homes a Smart Choice For Your Money?

Remember the Jetsons? They were the futurist family who had anything they wanted at the touch of a button. But now, those technologies aren't too far off. 

Technology will do it for you but when you add it all up, you're spending a lot of money to solve something that isn't too big of a problem for many of us.

Thanks to Alexa & Siri, we say our wish and technology responds.

It's expanding from smart phones to smart homes. They do everything from adjust the thermostat to lock up for you at night.

Bryan Cruikshank owns Dallas-based Hometronics. They're a company that can help you automate almost anything in your home. 

"You go to bed and who want to make sure the whole house is secured and the doors are shut, the garage door is shut from one button on your phone. You can do all this," says Cruikshank.

From making that TV over your fireplace easier to see to getting the lighting just right by the time of the day. 

"From one place, whether it's an iPad or iPhone or a wall station you can control the whole home."

Some of this stuff can cost as much as a small home; tens of thousands of dollars. But you can find automated door locks, camera doorbells and thermostats for about a hundred bucks each. 

Some lightbulbs even come WiFi-enabled so Siri can turn them on or off for you. After you buy the control unit, the bulbs are pretty cheap - only about $20 a piece, so one or two won't set you back too far.

Since it's all run off the internet and WiFi, you can slowly add to your automation to make it as simple or complex as you want.

There are many companies out there who will sell you systems to add cameras and automated lights to your home that you can control from your smart phone. But you can also put together the same systems on your own and save significant cash and avoid long, costly contracts. You can spend as little as $100 on this and as much as a million.

So, you have to ask yourself how much this matters to you.

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