Are Bizarre Canines in Hood County Really Chupacabras?

Is the legendary "goat sucker" stalking Hood County?

Two strange, coyote-like creatures have been killed with in 10 miles of each other, and locals say the animals could be chupacabras.

Hood County Animal Control Officer Frank Hackett killed the first creature last week. He found it in an old barn. When it growled at him, he put the animal down.

"It was ugly, real ugly, I'm not going to tell no lie on that one," he said.

A few days later, a rancher killed a similar creature.

Jack Farr, who owns the property where the first coyote-canine-cross was spotted said he thinks more of the strange animals are out there.

"I have heard of a chupacabra before, but I thought it was some sort of mythological thing," he said.

But after seeing firsthand the creature killed on his property, he doesn't know what it was.

"I've seen deer and coyotes," he said. "This had deer ears, big teeth and pinkish skin like nothing I've ever seen before."

Hood County Animal Control sent the animal to Texas A&M for testing. Until DNA tests are returned Doctors at Texas A&M would only say it's some kind of coyote hybrid.

When asked if it could be the legendary and very elusive El Chupacabra, Hacket said, "I don't know about that one. I'm going to wait for the facts to come in. All I know is, it wasn't normal."

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