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Apps Help You Save Money When Dining Out at Chain Restaurants

I'll be the first to admit I like a clean, simple, app-free phone. I don't download a lot of apps — but consider the savings here.

I normally spend about $50 a week on lunch. Using apps, I got my weekly lunch bill down to $19 in one week.

Some restaurants offer free food just for taking up some space on your phone.

Quiznos gives you a free four-inch sub, Baskin Robbins has a free scoop of ice cream and Chili's will give you 60 reward points, which is enough for a free item on their menu.

Chick-fil-A's app keeps track of how much you order then rewards you. They'll send you an in-app coupon for a free sandwich, fries or ice cream.

They say they choose your free treats based on what you normally buy, but I can't back them up on the claim. I get Greek yogurt all the time and I've been using the app awhile, but have not received a free yogurt yet.

Still, Chick-fil-A's app will send you free food quite a bit.

Last month, I got a free chicken biscuit, fries, fruit cup and sandwiches.

It was more than $20 worth of free food. Some of the treats were because I used the app, or took a survey, but some I got "just because."

McDonald's app will send you daily coupons like "buy one sandwich and get another free," or "get any sandwich for one dollar."

I did the math. It was about $30 in savings for all the offers they sent me in one day.

They send new deals all the time, so the savings can really add up.

If you're not into fast food, don't worry there's an app for you, too. Panera, Zoe's Kitchen and La Madeline all offer discounts when you join their rewards program. Most restaurants do.

Some are even have "buy one meal, get one free" offers that can save you up as much $20.

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