Apparent Road Rage Shooting Leaves Father Dead, Son Traumatized

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Dallas police are investigating an apparent road rage shooting where a Houston-area father was killed in front of his teenaged son with autism.

Instead of planning out their Christmas celebration, Jordyn Rosas is planning her father’s funeral.

“My dad had already gotten my kids some things,” she said through tears. “That’s the thing that really kills me is my kids are never going to know my dad.”

Carl Edmiston is the latest victim of road rage in Dallas, according to police.

Edmiston, of Conroe, was traveling to North Texas to take his 17-year-old special needs son to a doctor’s appointment. The teen has autism and was recently diagnosed with scoliosis, said Rosas. 

The two were driving through Dallas at about 10:04 p.m. on Monday when they became involved in a road rage incident.

Police said Edmiston was traveling northbound on North Central Expressway toward the westbound Woodall Rodgers ramp. Edmiston’s son told police a driver in a "dark-colored" car with dark tinted windows was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic that had been reduced to one lane because of construction.

When the driver tried to cut in front of Edmiston, the 54-year-old became angry, according to his daughter.

Edmiston began to speed up to get away from the aggressive driver when his son told police he heard a shot fired.

“He heard a gunshot. It sounded almost like glass shattering and then my dad said to him, 'I’ve been shot. I love you son,’” said Rosas.

Edmiston died later at the hospital.

Monday night’s shooting is at least the third road rage shooting in Dallas in the past month, according to police records.

The Dallas Police Department began keeping track of suspected road rage incidents in 2021.

According to statistics provided by Dallas police, there have been 528 road rage incidents in 2021, including 500 aggravated assaults and three murders.

Rosas said her brother suffered a minor injury to his leg but could have easily been killed in the shooting or subsequent crash. She said he’s now traumatized and doesn’t want to return to Dallas.

“Every time he sees a black car, he thinks it’s the same guy and he thinks he’s going to shoot him and kill him too,” she said.

Rosas is pleading for witnesses to come forward, hoping other drivers present at the time will remember the suspect’s vehicle driving erratically. She also thinks it’s possible the shooter told someone what he did.

“Someone’s got to know something,” she said.

This grieving daughter also hopes any driver who thinks about pulling a gun on another driver considers this:

“Think about your brother or your father or your uncle or your son. If it was them, would you want someone to do that to your family?” she asked. “No, you wouldn’t. So just take a second and breathe and think about it.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe. For more information, click here.

The Dallas Police Department is asking for anyone with information regarding this investigation to contact Detective Chad Murphy, #8966, at 214-671-3679 or by email: chad.murphy@dallascityhall.com. Please refer to case number 220565-2021.

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