Apartment Offers Layoff-Proof Lease

Laid off workers receive free rent

Some North Dallas residents who lose their jobs may worry less about losing their homes.

La Costa Villas, an apartment complex at 12500 Merit Drive, is full of young professionals, who pay anywhere from $775 to $1300 each month for upscale apartments.

Now the apartment complex is offering those who lose their jobs free rent for 60 days.

The program comes just in time for Mita Bagga, who was laid off from her job as an accountant in late February.

"I have been at this apartment complex for two years," the 25-year-old said. "I really love it.  This is my favorite place to stay."

Thanks to La Costa Villa's "Layoff Proof Lease" Bagga can keep her apartment while she continues to look for a new job.

"It kind of gives me an assurance I can look for 60 days (to) find a job," she said. "And if I do, I can stay here longer, and if not then pack my bags and go."

The "Layoff-Proof-Lease" program started on Saturday, March 21. The deal is offered to both new and existing residents who sign a one-year lease and have paid at least 90 days rent. If they remain out of work and need to move out during the free rent period, or when the 60 days are up,  they can break the lease without any penalties.

"The Layoff -Proof-Lease program was designed to give residents the reassurance they need to feel comfortable with signing a lease contract," said La Costa Villa manager Misty Partridge.

Now Bagga can look for work without worrying about losing her home.

"That gives me a comfort because i was planning to move back to my parents house," Bagga said.

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