Apartment Complex for Seniors Still Without Water, City of DeSoto Asks for Volunteers to Help

Crews continue to fix pipes at Hickory Manor Senior Apartments, but some have been without water for about nine days

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The City of DeSoto is asking for volunteers to help bring water to seniors in need at an apartment complex that's been without water for more than a week.

Residents at Hickory Manor Senior Apartments said last Tuesday the water was shut off due to leaky pipes. The need for repairs have left some people without water for around nine days.

“It’s been crazy not having water. My thing is, what do you do? Do you wash dishes or do you flush the toilet? I have a stoma, so I need water all day, everyday," said Jennifer Boswell.

She was in the hospital last week when the pipes in her apartment burst. Boswell found out after a family member went over to feed her dog, and her place was flooded.

"When I came in the house, I was like, 'Oh my God," expressed Boswell.

Not only is she dealing with the damage to her clothes, appliances and unit, the lack of running water has been challenging.

"This is crazy, I’m telling you, this no water, you have to have water, water is the most important thing you can have," said Boswell.

On Thursday, Dominium, the corporate company of Hickory Manor Senior Apartments said in a statement it's working with the City of DeSoto to resolve the issue.

The company said emergency crews have worked over the last three days to restore the water.

"As of today (Thursday), 13 of Hickory Manor’s buildings have been restored with domestic water, with the intention of restoring the remaining buildings by Saturday," said the company in a statement.

There are also two tankers of water on the property and pails available. On Thursday, Texas Baptist Men brought in a portable shower and laundry unit. Volunteers and the city have provided bottled water that's available for people to pick up in the front office.

"Lord willing, we’re going to see progress being made, but again anytime you're dealing with our oldest residents, they’re precious to us and we’re going to make sure we do anything that they need or do our best," said Jerry Duffield, the fire chief for DeSoto and Emergency Management Coordinator.

He said the apartment complex has sent in people from the corporate office and he's been working with them directly.

But some families are still frustrated and say there's been a lack of communication from the apartment complex.

"If I don’t come to the facility and ask the information and ask questions, we would not have gotten any answers my mother-in-law, for sure," said Jim Gengler.

He filled up water from the tanker for his 84-year-old mother-in-law. Gengler said he was told the apartment complex has sent out emails.

"Most of them don’t have computers, most of them don’t know how to use them if they have them," said Gengler. "Nobody is coming to the doors and telling them what’s going on, nobody is putting any posters up, you can hardly get a hold of anyone on the phone."

"We are providing consistent check-ins with residents to ensure they have what they need," said corporate in a statement.

The City of DeSoto said it's working to find grants and donations to put people up somewhere temporarily as crews fix damage that may take a while.

The city is also asking in communication with the Emergency Management Operations Coordinator with the American Red Cross and Volunteer Now to get people to deliver water.

The need eight volunteers per shift for 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. People can sign up through

Full statement from Dominium:

Dominium, in conjunction with the city of Desoto, has been working tirelessly to resolve the plumbing issues resulting from the recent winter storm that has left millions without power and water across the state. At Hickory Manor Senior Apartments, Dominium’s property management team has been in close communication with priority emergency vendors to access and fix these critical maintenance issues. Thanks to the hardworking emergency workers over the past 72 hours, Hickory Manor now has access to two tankers of water, donations of clean bottled water, a private and heated shower station, pails of water to fill up toilets and a small “grocery store” on property. We are providing consistent check-ins with residents to ensure they have what they need. As of today, 13 of Hickory Manor’s buildings have been restored with domestic water, with the intention of restoring the remaining buildings by Saturday. Dominium is consistently monitoring the situation and will continue to work toward a full recovery of Hickory Manor among its other Texas properties affected by the storm.

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