Group Protests Immigrant Plan in Front of Judge's Home

A small group of protesters gathered outside the Highland Park home of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins on Saturday. They are opposed to his plan to bring 2,000 undocumented immigrant children to stay at three shelters in Dallas County.

On protester's sign read "What about our children?" with the words lice, TB, scabies, swine flu and chicken pox highlighted. 

Plano resident Q. Carbonero emigrated from the United States from Cuba. He said it is unfair to think that some of the undocumented immigrants could end up staying in the country.

"It does bother me a lot that for years other people from other countries are able to elbow their way through and jump in line and come here illegally when there are people waiting in line to come here legally, which we welcome," said Carbanero. 

For more than a month, Jenkins has promoted a plan to allow the undocumented immigrant children from Central America, who have crossed over the Texas border, to be housed in three sites in Dallas County.

"This is illegal, it's immoral, it's unjust," said Carbonero. "It's an offense to those of us who did this legally, not only people like me, but people who are resident aliens."

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