Another Quake Shakes Azle; 2.3M Quake Detected Tuesday

Once again, homeowners in Azle reported feeling the Earth rumble Tuesday morning.

The United States Geologic Survey said the 2.3 magnitude tremor was centered off Boyd Road and had a depth of about 5 kilometers.

Homes may have felt slight vibrations just before noon Tuesday, but no damage has been reported.

There have now been more than two dozen earthquakes in Azle since the start of November, leading many residents to look for answers to the frequent shaking.  (Click here to see a Google map pinpointing all Northern Texas earthquakes recorded by the USGS since Nov., 2013.)

Last week, Texas Railroad Commissioners, who oversee the gas and oil drilling industry, held a meeting in Austin to discuss if there is a connection between injection wells in the area and the frequent tremors.

Azle residents were there to plead with commissioners to try to shut down the fracking injection wells they believe cause the earthquakes, however commissioners have continued to say there is no proof of a connection between the wells and the earthquakes.

The commission has proposed a study to investigate any possible connection between the wells and the tremors.

Editor's note: The initial report said the earthquake was reported just before midnight Wednesday.  The actual time of the quake, as reported by the USGS, is just before noon Tuesday.  We regret the error.

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