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Anonymous Family Funds a Year's Tuition for TCU School of Medicine's Class of 2024

An anonymous family has provided a generous gift to the TCU School of Medicine Class of 2024, fully funding tuition for the entire class of 60 students

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An anonymous family has provided a huge gift to the Class of 2024 medical students at the TCU School of Medicine in Fort Worth.

The family will fully fund tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year for all 60 students in the class.

"This gift is meaningful beyond words. For the students in this class, it is truly powerful and will have a profound effect on their future," said founding Dean Stuart D. Flynn, M.D.

This second class of students, who began medical school in July 2020, had their second year of tuition anonymously paid for by a couple in 2021. This new scholarship which was announced to the class on Thursday will now pay for the cohort's third year. This gift also supports Lead On: A Campaign for TCU, the university's most ambitious philanthropic campaign in its nearly 150-year history.

The same anonymous family has provided several previous gifts to the School of Medicine in the form of supporting partial scholarships and stipends for student research for students in all four classes including the incoming Class of 2026.

TCU Chancellor Victor J. Boschini Jr. said in a statement that "our students will finish medical school and go on to serve thousands of patients throughout their lives" and that "this gift allows them to focus on becoming the best possible physicians."

The university added the average medical school student graduates with more than $250,000 in loan debt.

One of the third-year students who received the gift said the entire class is grateful.

"This type of gift allows us to be the best doctor we can be without having to worry about how much money we have to make to pay back these debts," Sam Sayed said.

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