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Anonymous Couple Donates $3.6 Million to Cover Tuition for First-Year Medical Students in Fort Worth

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An anonymous couple donated $3.6 million to cover tuition for first-year students at TCU-UNTHSC School of Medicine in Fort Worth.

"Because of them you will have your tuition for this next year paid,” Dean Stuart Flynn told the students in a Zoom meeting Friday. “So I congratulate you on that. I am so wicked happy for you in this regard."

The donation amounts to $60,000 each for the 60 members of the Class of 2024.

“You're overcome with so much emotion, joy, and it's all at once,” said student Sam Sayed of Arlington.

Fellow student Danielle Sader of Carrollton agreed.

"There's not enough words to convey the gratitude we feel for a gift like this,” she said.

Sayed said he and his classmates all share the goal of serving the community as future doctors and the generous gift lessens their financial burden.

"When you invest in young budding physicians, this is a win for the community, it's a win for the school and really, it's a win for humanity as a whole,” Sayed said. “And so to the donors, thank you so much. We appreciate it."

The class of 2024 is already trying to give back, volunteering on weekends to help give COVID-19 vaccinations.

This isn’t the first generous donation at the TCU-UNTHSC School of Medicine.

Last year, pharmaceutical executive Paul Dorman paid tuition for the first class of students.

Now, the school’s second class of students is just as grateful for the anonymous and very generous couple who is funding a year of their education.

“We hope we do them justice in the future by being the best physicians we can possibly be," Sader said.

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