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Anna SRO Assaulted While Breaking Up High School Fight, District Says

Anna Police and Anna ISD are both investigating a fight between students and an assault on a school resource officer

The Anna ISD says that students will be removed from campus and will face discipline after a school resource officer was assaulted Tuesday while trying to break up a fight between two high school students.

The district shared a message sent to parents on Wednesday acknowledging the fight at Anna High School and the assault on the officer.

In their message, the district said that as the school resource officer tried to intervene and stop a fight between two students he was assaulted by several other students.

Several videos were shared with NBC 5 by Anna High School parents that appeared to show the officer trying to detain an unknown female while surrounded by dozens of students. In one video, a girl can be seen hitting the officer several times as he appeared to be trying to restrain her. At the same time, a person in a blue hoodie grabbed the officer from behind and they both fell to the ground as the female slipped away.

After the officer gets up, he followed the female down a sidewalk where he tried to stop a fight while holding someone on the ground.

While on the ground, the officer was hit by a different female and again grabbed by the student in the blue hoodie.

It's not clear in the video who the officer was holding on the ground and it's also not clear what took place in the moments before and after the video was recorded.

The district said that students involved in the incident are being removed from campus pending disciplinary action. The Anna ISD did not say if anyone was injured in the incident.

Investigations by the Anna ISD and Anna Police are ongoing.

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