Collin County

Anna Homeowners Fight Plans to Extend Ferguson Parkway

Anna City Council voted Tuesday to table the issue

Progress could come at a price for a Collin County farmer.

The city of Anna wants to extend Ferguson Parkway between the Collin County Outer Loop and Taylor Boulevard.

The road would help alleviate congestion in the growing city.

But it would also run through Jim Luscombe's pecan orchard.

Luscombe runs Foster Crossing Pecans.

He said his family farm has been around for more than a century, though he began planting 500 pecan trees when he retired more than a decade ago.

A pecan tree can take 15 years to mature, he said, so his first harvest came last fall.

"If you're going to do something that takes 15 years to mature, patience has to be part of it," Luscombe said.

But at 71 years old, he finds himself involved in a process he wishes he didn't have to be apart of.

Tuesday night, Luscombe and several other homeowners in Anna asked the city to adjust plans to extend Ferguson Parkway.

"You either table it or don't move on it or if it gets that far, don't second it. Don't vote for it," Luscombe told Anna City Council members.

As it stands, the $20-million-dollar, four-lane project, would run for 1.8 miles long and wipe out about 50 of Luscombe's oldest and most productive pecan trees.

"The sweat, labor and effort we've put in now for all these years to just now start having some meat come off, it will go away," Luscombe said.

Luscombe is no stranger to fighting city hall.

In 2017, he fought plans for the water line that's now being installed through his family's property.

At Tuesday's city council meeting, Anna Mayor Nate Pike reiterated the extension is needed to relieve congestion on Highway 75.

But, the city council voted unanimously to table the issue to allow more time to meet with property owners.

"I know that it can be a bit of a painful situation and their are challenges involved, but it is a need for a growing community of 14,000 people," Pike said.

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