North Texas

Animals Found Mutilated on North Texas Roadside

Authorities in Grayson County are investigating the discovery of several farm animals who were left beheaded and mutilated by the roadside.

According to the Grayson County Sheriff's Office, three sheep and four goats were found dead by a driver Sunday in Tioga, lying just a few feet off a narrow country road. The animals' heads were missing, and they had been skinned.

"It's a strange situation, the manner in which the animals were found," said Capt. Sarah Bigham.

Texas SPCA is assisting Grayson County investigators. So far, authorities have not received any reports of missing animals from farms in the area. Investigators say those responsible could face felony animal cruelty charges.

On Tuesday, Bigham says another person reported finding a dead goat near a roadside, about 10 miles from Sunday's scene. That animal's head was also missing, and it was skinned.

Bigham says it's not uncommon for these types of animals to be used for processing or food. But to investigators, the circumstances of their roadside disposal just doesn't add up.

"That's not the case here," she said. "They were skinned and beheaded and left to rot basically on the side of the road."

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