An Organic Life: Cost, Benefits and How to Know if You’re Really Using Organic Products

The benefits of trying certain organic products may justify the added cost, experts say

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September is National organic month. I talked to a group of experts in North Texas about making the transition to an organic life style.

It isn’t just the food you eat. The products you use in your home and put on your skin contain chemicals that can have an impact on the environment and your health.


Marie Tedei is an all-organic farmer based in Balch Springs. The only way to know exactly what is in your food is to buy local and get to know the farmer who grows it. Tedei recommends joining a Community Supported Agriculture program, or CSA, and explains why organic can sometime be a little more expensive:


Karen La Spina and Juan Chaparro are the owners of Gmaids. They started a chemical-free cleaning company because of health and environmental impacts. They also have a clean guide they put together to share their tips and research on the issue. Their website is


Daniela Bell is a celebrity makeup artist in North Texas who uses organic makeup products. In addition to positive environmental impacts, organic makeup is also anti-aging. Daniela discusses brands that work the best, and, if you are going to make the switch to organic, which products you should swap out first:

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