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Amid Complaints About Tall Grass, Fort Worth May Spend More on Mowing

Amid complaints about tall grass, Fort Worth city leaders are thinking about spending more on mowing city property.

The city now spends about $1.5 million on mowing contractors.

In 2010, in tough economic times, the mowing budget was cut 33 percent.

Now, with more money in the budget, city parks director Richard Zavala said increasing the amount spent on mowing is an option.

"We do get a lot of calls," Zavala said. "People are asking, 'When is it going to get mowed? It's not looking good.'"

Zavala presented a report on the issue to the City Council on Tuesday.

Pete Borsellino works hard to spruce up his property in North Fort Worth's Chisholm Ridge neighborhood and wishes the city would work a little harder to keep up theirs.

"If they would mow a little more often, it would look a lot better," he said.

Borsellino lives right next to Lasatar Park.

Crews were mowing the grass there Tuesday afternoon, but neighbors say the grass sometimes gets out of control.

"Yeah, there's been times it's up to a foot tall. Pretty unsightly," said neighbor Jed Barnett. "Obviously it's a lot more fun to enjoy it when it's well kempt."

Zavala said the unusually high amount of rain this summer contributed to high grass complaints.

The parks department is in charge of mowing 1,524 locations, including 1,391 acres of parks and 162 miles of medians.

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