American Airlines Resumes Passenger Flights to Puerto Rico, Helps With Relief

American Airlines has resumed flying passengers to and from Puerto Rico and they're doing even more to help the region affected by Hurricane Maria. 

The airline resumed service Thursday morning between Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and San Juan for the first time since Hurricane Maria hit the island.

In addition to the passengers and their luggage, they loaded more than 3,100 pounds of relief supplies onto the first flight out, including generators and bottled water.

During the last two weeks, the company has chartered multiple flights to Puerto Rico to deliver supplies to the people there. They've sent more than 1 million pounds of items.

Cedric Rockamore, American's Vice President of DFW operations, says the company has had a 45-year relationship with Puerto Rico and employs more than 400 people on the island, which is why it was important to them to step up and help.

"It's family," he said. "Our family and friends and loved ones are there and our people are trying to do everything they can to assist their family back home. So obviously, we're going to be there to support our family members."

American says it's committed to operating as many flights in and out of San Juan as it can as permitted by FEMA and the FAA.

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