‘American Ninja Warrior' Returns to Dallas

"American Ninja Warrior" returns to NBC this summer and once again Dallas will have a prominent spot in the rotation as athletes try their best to conquer the notorious obstacle course.

Late Sunday night and into Monday morning, dozens of regional hopefuls put their physical fortitude and mental toughness to the test trying to crack the course.

“I can’t believe the people who compete. I feel like I’m in pretty good shape and then I’m here and I’m like – I need to go work out,” Lindsay Huckins said. “It’s crazy. These people are awesome.”

Families from across North Texas packed the stands cheering on the athletes during the taping of the show which lasted overnight until 6:15 Monday morning.

“It’s super fun to cheer and I feel like I get really into it and I’m super bummed whenever they fall and I feel disappointed for them,” Huckins said.

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