American Airlines Center Adds Extra Security For Tuesday's Concert

In the wake of the Manchester terror attack, the American Airlines Center added extra security for Tuesday night’s concert, featuring New Kids On The Block, Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul.

“The Dallas police officers have been coming and going, they came and had their cars out, security has been walking, I don’t know if that’s the normal procedure but there’s been plenty of security present” said Jennifer Akin of Plano.

Metal detectors and bag checkers greeted people entering for the concert, both normal procedures at the American Airlines Center.

The AAC management said it reviewed security procedures following the Manchester attack, and made some adjustments prior to Tuesday’s concert.

Security officers inside the building were said to be more visible, while Dallas police officers patrolled outside and barricades blocked entrances.

“Your emergency planning, protocol and procedures are obviously going to be reviewed” says Mark Herrera, with the International Association of Venue Managers, “there’s going to be additional layers of added protection to insure that all those attending these events are in a safe place”.

“You may have potentially the barricades, the potential barricades and that outer layer of that perimeter is probably going to be monitored even more extensively than ever before” said Herrera.

“I don’t feel any sense of fear or somethings going to go on” said Akin.

“You can’t stop your life because you can’t go to a concert”, said Kim Melnyk of Abilene, “you need to just keep living”.

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