Amazon, Target and Walmart Among Many Stores Offering Deals July 15 and 16

The battle to win your hard earned dollars is on!

Some of your favorite retails giants like Target, Walmart, eBay and Old Navy are doing their own version of 'Prime Day.'

That means more competition and more ways for you to save.

"It's really an excuse for a lot of retailers to eject some excitement in a time of year that is typically slow for shopping," said Jim Willcox of Consumer Reports.

More than 250 stores are promising online sales on July 15 and/or July 16. 

But make no mistake, Amazon plans to come out of the gate swinging!

Promising more than a million deals, the retailer started this annual event four years ago.

It's gotten so big that last year, the site was overwhelmed with traffic and crashed.

The hashtag #primeday was trending on twitter shortly after.

"One thing to know though is you have to be an Amazon Prime Member to be able to participate in the Amazon Prime Day sales whereas for the other retailers, everyone can participate in those kinds of sales," Willcox explained.

While some back-to-school items could be marked down, money experts at Consumer Reports said the electronics section is where you'll find many of the deep discounts.

"A lot of TVs, printers, headphones and in the area of home goods, we expect smaller electronics like air fryers and probably instant pots. Also vacuums and other household items," Willcox said.

The prices will likely change more than once as businesses work to compete and offer the best deals.

"That can be a little confusing for consumers who are trying to find the best deal because these deals can change so frequently," Willcox said. One thing that we suggest is if you see an item that you like, immediately put it into your cart. You have 15 minutes before it's going to disappear from your cart before you have to complete that checkout. That will give you a lot of time to compare competitors' prices online."

Price comparison apps like Buy-Via, Now-Discount, Scan-Life and ShopSavvy can also tell you if there's a better deal out there online or even at a local store.

It's a week that many devoted online shoppers have been waiting for.

And so have many retailers, hoping to win your loyalty and rise above the competition.

Consumer Reports says it's also very important to create a shopping list, that way you aren't overspending.

If your daughter needs a new laptop for college, or your husband has a birthday coming up, those are items you'll definitely want to jot down on your list.

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