Amazon Echo Versus Google Home

We all had to have one. A speaker with a robot inside you can ask almost anything. Tech expert Javier Cazares from Best Buy helped us harvest the power of Amazon's Echo and Google's home.

If you have Chromecast Google Home can send videos to your TV.

Have an Amazon Firestick? It can be controlled with an Echo.

Some more traditional DVR's like TiVo work with them too.

Research which one works with the most stuff you own.

Both have the drawbacks, like not always hearing you.

If you run out of paper towels, or cheese you can tell Alexa and she'll have Amazon ship you more.

There's parental guard to make sure your kids don't order cupcakes when you're not looking.

If you're into smart homes, the devices can certainly look your doors and adjust your lighting.

Know you'll spend about $40 for each light or fan control you have.

There's an Echo Show with a screen to give you recipes for the food you have in the fridge.

A Google Home Max is smart enough to tell your voice from your kids and play music that each of you like.

Both devices will add items to your calendar, tell you the news and weather, but only the Echo has updates from NBC 5.

Take some time to research which one works best and what are some favorite Echo Skills or Google Actions you should try.

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