Allergies Bring Misery To North Texans

If there's one thing North Texans know about, it's the misery that comes with allergies.

Over the last two weeks, pollen counts have been through the roof, according to doctors.

Last winter was mild and it's been a rain-free windy September, both factors contributing to the high pollen counts.

Ragweed is in bloom but doctors say we haven't seen the worst of it yet.

"If you're out by White Rock Lake and you go along some of the trails, the giant ragweed is six feet tall and ready to burst out! Oh boy, that's going to be bad," said Dr. Mark Millard, Medical Director of Baylor Lung Care Center.

"We sit at the nexus of East Texas pollen, Central Texas cedar, midwestern grain pollen. It all converges in Dallas."

So what can you do?

Stock up on over the counter antihistamines and consider using saline eye drops and nose sprays to wash out the pollen from those areas. 

Also, check the pollen counts and forecast by your zipcode.

You can download an app or check out https://www.pollen.com/

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