Allen Police Seek Serial Flasher

Police in Allen say a man they suspect is a serial flasher has struck again.

For the second time in two weeks, women have been targeted while exercising on the city's trail network.

"On the first go-round, it was females who were jogging on the trail," said Allen police spokesman Sgt. Jon Felty. "[On Tuesday], it was a female who was running her dogs."

The first case involved a group of women jogging together on the trails running behind the Watters Creek shopping area.

The second happened Tuesday on the trail running directly behind Boon Elementary School in the Allen Independent School District.

In both instances, victims described a white man with blonde or sandy hair, likely in his 30s, wearing dark clothing and riding a dark colored bicycle.

According to Felty, the man commits the indecent exposure while still riding the bicycle, and then rides away for a fast escape.

"He doesn't try to make contact. He just tries to expose himself in passing," Felty said.

The man has not threatened or touched anyone and has only targeted adult women, according to police.

Felty said the police department rolled out extra patrols and measures on Wednesday to make sure the man is caught.

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