Allen Church Damaged in Sunday Hailstorm

In Allen, the Cottonwood Creek Church is dealing with damage after hail fell for more than twenty minutes Sunday evening.

Executive Pastor Scott Sanford said the roof appears to have serious damage. The second floor of the church is flooded and water is seeping onto the first floor.

"It is surprising that a hail storm did this. It's almost as if a tornado came through and ripped the roof off that would let all this water in," said Sanford. "This was just hail that was damaging the roof to such a degree that water came through."

Sanford said there were people inside the church when the storm hit, but no one inside was injured. A children's pastor reported someone was hurt in the parking lot when that person got out of their vehicle during the storm.

The church said the sanctuary and new chapel were not damaged.

It is just one case of hail damage reported around Collin County. "We've already received several hundred calls," said Chris Pilcic of State Farm. "We're expecting a lot more when the sun comes out and people can really assess the damage."

Pilcic said agents have heard from homeowners with broken skylights, damaged roof tops and customers that have damage to their vehicles.

"We would advise everyone to be cautious," Pilcic said. "The days and weeks that follow a hail storm can be really stressful, but we would tell customer not to make an emotional decision. Homeowners and business owners should watch out for scammers, get everything in writing, and don't pay for any repairs up front."

Additional adjusters and drone teams were brought in, and those same teams will help during the recovery phase of this storm

State Farm received more than 3,000 claims due to a severe wind and thunderstorm during early March.

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